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Berlin hotels are available in budget and luxury accommodation ranging from apartments to hostels and five-star hotels. They are mostly located in the city centre and around tourist destinations. Berlin accommodation offer a variety of facilities that will fit any traveller.

Hotels and Accommodation

Visitors coming to Berlin can stay at the hotels at the city's centre or at the smaller inns and apartments in the outskirts and suburbs. Accommodation in Berlin can range from three-star to five-star hotels and smaller apartments and houses. The hotel rooms normally have single or twin beds with shower and bath, network connections for television and radio, and a telephone unit. Some hotels offer parking space for visitors with cars for a certain fee. Visitors can prebook over the phone or online a few days or weeks prior to the actual date of visit. Hotel rates usually increase during peak season and holidays.

Student Accommodation

The Free University of Berlin does not offer any kind of residence and accommodation inside the campus. Instead, it has created tie-ups with various apartment and home owners in Berlin. The Studentwenerk Berlin is the foremost provider of student residences in the city. Its single occupancy or sharing accommodation are located all around Berlin.

Students who prefer to live alone can rent single rooms in Berlin. These rooms normally have a single bed, desk, shower, and optional cooking facilities. If the room is located in a several-storey building, the laundry facilities are usually shared with the other tenants. Single apartments are also available for rent, but they are more expensive than renting out a single room.

Students can also share accommodation with two or three other people, which is commonly called Wohngemeinschaft or WG. Students can share a bigger apartment or look for a room that allows two to three tenants. Shared rooms have several single beds, kitchen facilities, desks, network cables, and telephone connections. Laundry facilities are normally shared with other tenants.

Students who want to rent accommodation in Berlin should reserve their slots a month or two in advance.

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