Free University of Berlin (Freie Universitat Berlin)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Berlin University
(Berlin, Germany)

Berlin is linked to other German cities by the autobahn, the third-largest superhighway in the world. This long stretch of highway connects Berlin to all the major German cities, Czech Republic, and Poland. Using the toll-free autobahn makes driving to Berlin easy and fast because it has at least four lanes in each directions. The 'minimum' speed limits on the autobahn are closely monitored and strictly followed by native motorists. Berlin is surrounded by the A10 motorway. It is connected to Stettin, Poland by the A11, to Frankfurt by the A12, to Dresden by the A13, to Leipzig by the A9, to Hannover by the A2, and to Hamburg by the A24.

Because of the autobahn, visitors with cars can easily get to Berlin from any German city. The autobahn has signposts that can direct them to the different exits of the superhighway. The main motorways in Berlin are the A100 and A111, which are connected to the city's airports. Visitors who want to rent a car can do so in any of the city's three airports. The car rental services on standby offer vehicles that can be rented for a day.

Travel by Air

Berlin has three main airports: the Berlin-Schoenfeld, Berlin-Tegel, and Berlin-Templehof airports. Between them these airports have flights to most German cities, European, and Worldwide countries. They are located not farther than 10 kilometres from the city's centre. Visitors landing on any of the three airports can easily a taxi, bus, shuttle, or a train to Berlin and other neighbouring German cities.

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Car Parking

The Free University of Berlin has parking spaces available for faculty, staff, and students. However, visitors may be charged a certain fee for parking inside the campus. Parking in Berlin can be done in the city airport terminals, which offer short-duration and long-duration parking for a fee.

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Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

The Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten in Berlin is the city's major railway station. It is located at the heart of Berlin beside the Kurfürstendamm shopping area. This railway station is linked to the underground and local tram network, and it is a good way to travel around the city. The other railway stations in Berlin are the Berlin Lichtenberg, Ostbahnhof, and Berlin Hauptbahnhof. They are all located in east Berlin, and they serve eastern European cities.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Berlin's airports normally have buses that can take travellers and visitors outside the airport to a specific drop-off point. Some buses service downtown Berlin, while others have drop-off points in the underground stations X9 service and Kurt-Schumacher-Platz. Visitors going outside Berlin can take a long-distance bus ride to Paris, London, and far-flung German cities.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis usually congregate outside airport terminals, and they can take visitors directly to Berlin's centre or to nearby cities. These taxis are metered, charge by the kilometer, and normally available any time of the day.

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